Easy steps to Building your site

1 Pick Your Design from £99

Website Design 1

Website Design 1


Website Design 2

Website Design 2


Advanced up to 3 Page

Website Design 3


Simple 1 page design with your company name and telephone number displayed in the header.


Simple 1 page design but includes our Contact Form for customers to email you with ease.

Note: The email is forwarded to your existing email account.


Allows up to 3 pages with Contact Form, Bookmark and Google map widgets for free.

Good uses of the extra pages include adding testimonials, map and directions, service descriptions.

2 Add Features from just £4

google maps
Logo Design
Image Protection
Custom Header
+£5 Buy
+£4 Buy
+£30 Buy
+£5 Buy
+£30 Buy
+£45 Buy
Live WebChat
Live Support
Add up to 5 Products
Add Products and Shopping Cart
Convert PDF to Stunning Ebook
Flip Page Ebook
+£3 Buy
+£15 Buy
+£30 Buy
+£40 Buy
+£40 Buy
+£95 Buy
+£12 Buy
+£10 Buy
+£50 Buy
+£35 Buy
+£35 Buy
+£10 Buy
+£6 Buy
+ 1p


3 View your cart and proceed to checkout


After your order has been taken you should receive confirmation from us and also you should be redirected to step 4 and step 5 of the process where you can start entering in all your details for your site to be built!

If you were not redirected after payment, please click here!




Add a Map to your store or where ever you want.
Very Simple Map design, preview it on the previous step on the all singing / all dancing second page

Add the ability for your website viewers and customers to add your website to their favourites with ease.

Image protection can be in place to prevent the ability to right click on your page
Although a person could still screen capture your page to steal an image,
this should discourage them and post as a warning for them not to do so.

Add this for us to give you a completely customised header.
Basic free with purchase headers are basic but right to the point,
but for a more stand out feel for a header or to have it exactly as you like
we can do that for you.

The next step up from a custom header. Flash adds a whole new dimention to your website

A Favicon is the little logo that appears next to your web address in a persons browser address bar. A little way to add a finishing touch.

Flash banners grab attention and keep people entertained on your site.

Adding the abilty to buy things direct from your website is a big forward step for a website,
With up to 5 different items for you to have available and we can set up more if you email us afterwards for just £2.50 an extra item!

Webchat or Web Support is perfect for you to give live support to your customers
Very handy if you supply a complex product or just want to give a more 1 on 1 experience for your customers

Have a members area on your page for downloads and special offers for just them.

The perfect thing to show off any magazine on the web.
With real page turning effect you can litteraly and smoothly flip between pages.
View some of our ebooks in action at Planetdubai.co.uk

A light box covers the whole screen in semi-transparent black and lets your images take to the front of the screen,
Truely the best way to show off your images / products

We all know how amazing a video looks on the web. So with the use of a light box again, We can realy create an even greater experience of video's that either you alrady have or one from an existing website like youtube or google video.

Set dates for special events and show them to your customers, maybe even just on a members page or for everyone to see.
We can even add this to your contact form if you need customers to give you dates information

Slide on Slide shows. Just like the one on our home page. This realy gives a new feel to a website.

Add an email acount for your company with your website name in it for a mr proffesional look

We can Edit Your images for you so they advertise themselfs more!

We will build you a seperate page so that people visiting your site can print off a printer friendy black and white version of your site withh all pages and details you wish to give out.

Buy credits so that you have support and make changes to your site easily with our help.